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Intelligent Devices

Tile image of an MFP against a pink background.
With our Intelligent Devices you can access the latest features, upgrades and applications from your MFP as you need them its capabilities grow as your business...

Black & white, small, easy-to-use, low cost MFPs

multi functional printer
This low-cost line of black and white Multifunction Printers (MFPs) tucks into small spaces and features a Smart Operation Panel that's easy to use.

Managing Security Vulnerabilities

woman looking at digital screens showing data and graphics
When managing data, balance security with the need to deliver anytime, anywhere data availability.

Easy-to-use multifunction printers

Video tile of an empty office with an MFP.
MFP Smart Operation Panels touch-screen interface mimics your smart device, so its immediately familiar and intuitive making it very easy to use.

22 results