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About Us

 We're much more than just printers and copiers


Make business happen


Make business happen

At Lanier, we better the way people work by using technology to improve communication, information exchange and embrace changing work styles. We call it information mobility, and we help businesses ensure that their information is as mobile as their people.

We are part of the Ricoh USA family, and we deliver a wide portfolio of solutions, services, software and hardware to help your company get the job done fast and efficiently. We’ll provide your team with the right tools to boost productivity, increase efficiency, and lower your operational costs — all while supporting the environment.

We sell our products exclusively through a network of dealerships. Get in touch with a dealer in your area and discover how we can transform the way you work at your organization.

Who we are

For over 20 years we’ve helped lead the way in workstyle innovation. 

Corporate responsibility and environmental sustainability

Recognized with environmental, sustainability, and green awards, we not only want to improve the world of work — but the environment as well. 



Our programs

We team up with a number of leading companies to help us provide the solutions that best fit your needs.