Closeup photo of a checkbook check.

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Printing (MICR)

Workgroup and production MICR printers

We partner with Rosetta Technologies to engineer MICR versions of our award-winning laser printers for check printing and other MICR applications. Rosetta provides end-to-end MICR solutions, including: 

Together, we offer the broadest family of MICR printers available on the market today. They can help you you securely and efficiently manage your check issuance systems with greater control and total flexibility. 

Lanier SP8300DN.

Workgroup MICR Printers

Rosetta Technologies' workgroup MICR printers deliver high-quality, reliable printing for all types of MICR documents like checks, image replacement documents (IRDs), money orders and WIC vouchers. Whether you're working on compact entry-level printers, MICR MFPs in banking and office environments, robust light-production printers or more, Rosetta’s workgroup MICR technology offers unsurpassed security features.

Production MICR Printers

The LANIER Pro 8210M and LANIER Pro 8220M cutsheet printers take production MICR printing to a new level. With a choice of two speeds, from 111 to 136 images per minute (ipm), they are designed for check and IRD printing environments that require high speeds to meet tight print windows — with an acquisition cost that traditional production MICR printers cannot match. They deliver superior MICR output quality, high speed, reliability and finishing capabilities, all at an exceptionally low cost per page.

Lanier Pro8110e printer.