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Clinical Photography Workflow

Help protect PHI while you enhance patient care

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Automatically capture and transmit digital photos to your electronic health records (EHRs) — with support for regulatory compliance. With our Clinical Photography Workflow Solution for Healthcare and our RICOH Electronic Data Exchange software platform you can achieve a streamlined, automatic, and secured transmission of data and images into your workflow.  Our customizable Clinical Photography Workflow Solution for Healthcare includes assessment, consulting, software, camera(s), implementation and support. 

Expect easier, more effective clinical photography

Adopt digital photo technology that supports clinicians, CIOs, CQOs, CFOs and IT.

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A picture is priceless when you're documenting and tracking wound care, skin issues, pathology workups and so on. Taking these pictures is a snap, but adding photos to EMRs while maintaining privacy is a bit more complex.

That's why our consultants conduct an upfront analysis — so they can make your Clinical Photography Workflow solution as easy to use as possible. With it, you can:

  • Eliminate human errors with automated, integrated workflows that incorporate security requirements
  • Update EMRs promptly so patient information is up to date
  • Support compliance with personal health information privacy regulations
  • Minimize employee shortcuts that can result in infractions and fines
  • Assign valuable IT resources to other projects because we support the solution

Scan, shoot, and transfer 

Capture clinical images and upload them without manual intervention.

You can take photos using your own camera or smartphone, but these devices don't tag images with patient information or delete images automatically after they are transmitted to the server. But you can do this and more with the RICOH G800SE camera, which captures high-resolution images and video in normal and macro modes.

Better yet, it's designed to lower the risk of protected health information (PHI) breaches:

  • Scan and save patient wristband barcodes
  • Upload photos automatically to your electronic health record (EHR) or content management system (ECM) via Wi-Fi with embedded barcode identifiers
  • Use server-based software to centrally manage the cameras throughout your facility
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Enable fast information sharing

Use software designed for healthcare's unique workflows and requirements.

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Effective healthcare delivery relies on information that's reliable, fast and secure. Our software platform can be a ground-up system or a way to augment your EHR or ECM. Either way, you can:

  • Store digital photos with historical views, so clinicians can see changes over time.
  • Support role-based authentication and access privileges.
  • Confirm patient identity manually when required within an automated workflow.
  • Enable numbering and measurement of items within the photo.
  • Maintain a searchable patient database that seamlessly integrates with your EHR via Health Level Seven International (HL7) messages.
  • Record audio messages for each photo taken.

Save time with the RapidMeasure feature ― let technology assist when you need to take accurate measurements in digital photos.

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