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Intelligent Lockers 

Get efficient and convenient drop-off and pick-up

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500 to 1,000: Number of accountable parcels or express deliveries an average corporate mailroom can receive each day.*


Intelligent Lockers are a scalable, customizable electronic locker system that gives both your onsite and remote workers and visitors a space of their own. From workspace management to verifiable package delivery to asset protection, see how Intelligent Lockers can help your business run more efficiently.

Manage your workspace with ease

Let on-the-go workers conveniently store everything from mail to valuables.

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In the new world of work, managing your office environment is harder than ever. You have a mobile workforce that's always coming and going and in need of temporary storage solutions. The same goes for your mail and package centers, which are home to labor-intensive processes that can cost you big.

With our Intelligent Lockers, you get a more secure storage solution that addresses both the needs of your workforce and your mail distribution — while helping to reduce your environmental footprint and increase accessibility and efficiency.

Get verifiable package delivery

Improve employee and customer morale with easy package pick-up.

If you have remote office workers and variable mail quantities, intelligent lockers are an ideal solution. They provide you with enough flexibility to handle both fluctuating volumes of mail and a shifting onsite workforce — without taking up a lot of space.

As packages arrive:

  • They are registered into a cloud-based management system, scanned and assigned both a locker and a release code.
  • The intended recipient receives this information in an email, and can pick up the package at his or her convenience.
  • The entire transaction is recorded and stored in your package management system for reference.

Onsite employees and visitors have a more secure space to receive and store their packages and assets. And because each item is tracked within the package management system at every step, it reduces lost or misplaced mail.

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Help safeguard valuables in shared workspaces

Allow workers to securely store their belongings.

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More and more organizations today are embracing a mobile workforce. If you’re one of them, you probably have a busy office full of employees, visitors and clients coming and going — without assigned workstations for every individual on site.

With our Intelligent Lockers system, everyone in the office can have a safe, easily accessible place to store their belongings. Lockers can be reserved, assigned, and reassigned dynamically. It's an ideal solution for flexible or open corporate workspaces, as well as mobile workforces that often have staff on site.                                                        

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 *Source: Website: Accessed March 8, 2016.