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Records Management

Implement an effective records management strategy 

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As your organization continues to grow, so does the amount of business information, or records, you and your staff must manage. They come from various sources, are presented in mixed media formats and are often subject to compliance regulations. With our Records Management solution, you can make sense of this chaos and transform the way you maintain, access and use your information every day.

Store your records securely and efficiently 

See how paper-based documents can pose a risk.

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Our Records Management offering helps you better manage your legacy records. We'll leverage industry best practices to:

  • Convert your paper-based documents into an easy-to-use digital format.
  • Organize them in a custom content management system (CMS) or your organization’s existing system.
  • Add built-in safety guards so they won't be lost or damaged the way paper documents can be.


With your files digitized and organized, you can easily access and share them — anytime, anywhere. And with our digital security features, you won't have to worry about critical information being left out in the open or in an unsecured file cabinet.

Improve productivity on your team 

Easily share legacy information.

When someone in your organization needs an important file, would you rather them double-click to open, or laboriously search for the file in a paper-based system like a filing cabinet? And if that person is remote, it will have to be scanned, attached and emailed.

See how productivity is slowed?

With digital files comes a faster, more effective way of working. When we convert your legacy files, you'll get optimized information and business processes that make your information work harder — not your people.
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Get a solution built for you

Assess your needs and explore your options.

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Your records aren't one-size-fits-all, and neither is our solution. Our specialists are trained to assess your needs and provide you with the right solution to meet your needs.

Before any decisions are made we provide robust consulting services on key topics like business information risk, eDiscovery readiness and behavior change management. Our unique Capture and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions encompass all forms of capture including digital and paper-based. The ECM side of our offering, whether we deploy it or leverage parts of your existing ECM infrastructure, allow us to ensure adherence to retention policy and client specific classification rules, as well as enabling secure on- and off- network retrieval access.

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