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Cloud Security Solution 

Simplify security and reduce IT expense

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By 2017, public IT cloud services will drive 17% of the IT product spending and nearly half of all growth across five technology categories, including: applications, system infrastructure software, platform as a service, servers and basic services.


Help keep your data and network secure with our Cloud Security solution, a managed service from us and our partner, mindSHIFT, a Ricoh company. Our layered approach covers firewalls, endpoints, email, backup and recovery and more.

Take advantage of the latest security technology

Help protect your business with remote monitoring and management.

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Keeping up with cyber criminals is more than most companies can manage on their own. New types of malware appear every day, and hackers find creative ways to infiltrate businesses.

Our Cloud Security solution helps you create a sound security strategy with the latest technology. With our dynamic managed services, "keeping up" is built in with a layered approach that can include:

  • Endpoint security: anti-virus, patching, mobile device management, workstation encryption, enterprise web protection, anti-phishing and virtual desktops
  • Email security: anti-spam, encryption, archive and continuity
  • Backup and recovery: desktop, server and virtual machines (VMs)
  • Network threat management: firewall management
  • Training: worker education to promote safe online behavior

Protect more than your infrastructure

Be proactive about avoiding security breaches.

Many cloud providers deliver “infrastructure as a service,” which covers physical security, network security and security for virtual machines. You’re still responsible for the security of your operating system (OS), applications and data. Depending on the time and resources you can devote to security, the risk of a breach can increase, along with the potential for lost revenue, damaged reputation and expensive remediation.

mindSHIFT services go further. We’ll manage and help secure your infrastructure, OS, applications and data with best-in-class tools and technology — so you don’t have to. Our experts apply their Fortune 500 experience to create a solution that’s just right for businesses and budgets of all sizes.

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Keep security simple but effective

Enable productivity while you protect information at rest and on the move.

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If you think a security breach can never happen to you, think again. Businesses of all sizes are vulnerable. It’s better to do everything you can to prevent attacks and their fallout.

We can tailor solutions for industries or types of business, including law firms, associations, non-profits, K-12 education, financial services, healthcare and more. For example, your solution may include:

  • Email encryption solutions: Help protect your information from prying eyes.
  • Microsoft SharePoint®: Let your teams connect and collaborate with access to the people, documents and information they need.
  • Microsoft Exchange®: Share calendars and contacts, send and receive emails, schedule meetings and more — wherever you are.

Minimize hassles with a one-stop provider

Keep IT simple with a security services provider who can do it all.

When you outsource security and other IT functions, it's good to have a provider that can take on as much as you want to turn over. Between our resources and those of mindSHIFT, a Ricoh company, we've got you covered with:

  • Onsite, offsite and cloud options.
  • Complete 24x7 monitoring and support.
  • Implementation and management of security strategies and technologies.
  • One point of accountability.
Our subscription-based Cloud Security services are easy to start, expand or stop.

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