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Mobility and Cloud

Easily store, access and protect your files using the cloud — making it simple to work from wherever you and your coworkers find yourselves.




Cloud Storage

Store your files in a central repository that allows your workers to search for, retrieve, edit, email and even download and print documents — anytime, anywhere.
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Mobile Printing

Print from anywhere with our Mobile Printing solution. Depending on your needs, one or thousands of workers can print to any printer from any platform. Connect your mobile devices to your private cloud, public cloud or a hybrid of both.

Cloud Security

Help keep your data and network secure with our Cloud Security solution. Our layered approach covers firewalls, endpoints, email, backup and recovery and more.
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Data Protection & Availability

Never be without your data with Data Protection & Availability. Depending on your needs, this solution offers a range of disaster recovery services — from remote backup and storage services to full mirroring of data center(s).

Scan to Cloud

Convert scanned documents into digital, editable, searchable files that you can print, email or share with our Scan to Cloud solution.
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Cloud Education

Students and faculty can scan paper documents directly into Blackboard Learn™, Google Drive™, Canvas and other applications, and easily share and print them anytime.