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Printer Management and Security

Automating your printer/copier management and find more efficient and secure printing 

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 45 trillion pages are printed annually.*


Help keep your information flowing and protected with our Printer Management and Security solution, which offers technologies to track devices; report on status, usage, and configuration; automate driver distribution and meter reads; and implement security features to help keep your sensitive information in the right hands. 

Give your IT team back valuable time 

Automate tasks that consume your team's time. 

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Your IT team’s time is valuable. And when they’re inundated with manual tasks such as manually managing and maintaining your printer fleet, you’re pulling them away from IT projects that are more valuable to your organization.

Automating with us saves you time and money. We’ll match the solutions to your needs, providing you with technologies that reduce tedious manual activities. For example, with our @Remote printer management, you can:

  • Track devices and usage.
  • Receive status reports.
  • Configure devices remotely.
  • Automate meter reads and driver distribution.


Control access and enhance security

Build security features into your printing process. 

We’ve all been there — you pick up what you think is your print job, only to realize that you’ve grabbed someone else’s as well. It's an innocent mistake, but that other print job may contain confidential information that could have major consequences for your organization if it gets into the wrong hands.

With Printer Management and Security, you can implement safeguards to help protect print job information from being misappropriated. Our services can also provide unique information security features, such as the DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS), which overwrites any information you leave on your printer hard drive. You can also integrate your user badges through our card authentication to provide automated access controls.

Safeguard data, documents and access with Printer Management and Security:

  • Easy one-touch scanning
  • PIN and user ID protection
  • Pull printing
  • Detailed audit reports

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Get a printer that works when you need it

Head-off potential printer problems before they slow you down. 

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When you have to print something five minutes before a big meeting, the last thing you need is an untimely malfunction — you just need the printer to work.

With the right information about your printing fleet, you can head-off potential problems before they create a halt in productivity. Our solutions enable your printers and copiers to report their status and alert you to potential problems, including meter counts, low toner, a paper jam or a more serious error. When early warning and critical status information gets to the right people at the right time, you can avoid costly interruptions — and get to that meeting on time. 

Find printing solutions designed for you

Get ongoing management to create an efficient environment

Whether your needs are for centralized monitoring, reporting, driver management, authentication or security features, we can create a customized solution that fits your needs.

Our experts can help manage and enhance the performance of your printers and copiers as an ongoing service. This includes collecting meter data, monitoring toner levels, managing overall supplies inventory and proactively issuing service tickets.

Using state of the art management tools, we can monitor, assess, see early warnings and take action. When it comes to keeping your users happy and your printing environment efficient and environmentally friendly, you can be confident knowing that you have the experts handling it.
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