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Cost Management

Measure and control your true costs of printing

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Active print management can cut your office print costs by 10% -30%.*

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You're always seeking new ways to trim your back-office costs. Print expenses are an often-overlooked area, but those devices, ink, paper and energy expenditures can really sink your budget. Manage and control them with our Cost Management solution.

Safeguard against waste

Make printing mistakes and print waste less likely. 

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Printing mistakes happen to the best of us. You quickly select a document to print, only to find out at the printer or multifunction printer (MFP) that you chose the wrong file — and into the trash it goes. This not only wastes paper, but toner and other costly resources as well. This is especially true if you inadvertently chose a color output device when you only needed black and white.

With our Cost Management solutions, you can set up safeguards to protect against these all-too-common opportunities for waste. View and confirm your print queue at the device before releasing your documents. And automatically route jobs to the right printers in your fleet to conserve resources and maximize your efficiency.

Get your usage details

Understand who's using your print fleet, and how. 

When you don't know how your print fleet is being used — and by whom — it's almost impossible to make accurate management decisions around usage and waste. Job tracking is especially difficult if your devices are shared by multiple users and multiple departments.

To improve your output practices, you first need to understand how your print fleet is operating. With Cost Management, you can track usage — both by individual user and by department — and gain valuable insights to make better business decisions.

You'll also be able to better control user behavior. Limit the number of users who can print in color or use other costly print options, for example.
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Recover your print costs

Control and manage your printing from one central location. 

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When you’re dealing with printing charges and chargebacks, your assessment had better be correct. That starts with the right data, along with a central management point.

Our Cost Management solutions help bring your print activity and your budget together, giving you the ability to accurately track output by user, client or department — right down to the specific details — and make sure they pay their fair share. You can even track usage with user authentication at the printer or MFP.

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*Source: Gartner, Cost-Cutting Initiatives for Office Printing, June 19, 2012.