lanier PJ WXL5670 Standard Projector

PJ WXL5670

Standard Projector

Impress audiences with cost-effective laser illumination

  •   WXGA Resolution (1280x800 dpi)
  •   Brightness rating of 5200 lumens
  •   Screen size up to 300"
  •   Contrast ratio of 2000:1

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Impress with laser illumination

With its breakthrough fixed-lens design, the RICOH PJ WXL5670 Laser Projector eliminates the need for interchangeable lenses and makes high-end laser projection affordable on any budget. Transform your conference room, classroom, church or small auditorium with engaging viewing experiences. And showcase your ideas as they should be seen — in professional-quality presentations and HD videos with sharper lines, brighter colors and lifelike images.

Captivate with HD and 3D images

Ready to share your big ideas? Help your audience think big by immersing them in rich experiences powered by full WXGA (1280 x 800). Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology unlocks 1.07 billion colors and keeps your audience actively engaged with the help of high luminosity and 3D images. Just turn on the PJ WXL5670 with intuitive controls and painlessly project your widescreen PC screen or video at 5,200 lumens and screen sizes of 30" - 300".

Mount anywhere, at any angle

Install the PJ WXL5670 in hard-to-reach places without the worry of having to change lamps and clean filters — it's virtually maintenance-free for up to 20,000 hours of laser life. Free of lamps, the PJ WXL5670 can project without long warm-up times and generates less heat, so less airflow and venting for cooling is needed. This minimizes fan noise and lets you tilt the projector 360 degrees to project onto any surface.

Go hands free with wireless connectivity

You can't always easily reach your mounted projector. That's why the PJ WXL5670 supports EZcast adapters (sold separately) for WiFi connectivity from your laptop computer or mobile device. Also, HDBaseT connectivity helps to eliminate cable clutter; simply use one cable for all HD video and audio, and show uncompressed video in full HD without degrading quality. Remotely manage PJ WXL5670 settings via optional AV management software to completely stay hands-free.

Leave no audience member disappointed

Ensure your audience can see your presentation as it was meant to be seen whether they are sitting up close, far away or off to the side of your screen. The PJ WXL5670 gives you easy remote control over horizontal and vertical lens shift, zoom, focus and dynamic throw ratios. Now, your audience can experience your presentation as they would an HD television display — always seeing crisp, clear HD images no matter where they sit.

Deliver your message without distractions

Avoid visual distractions that can cut into your audience's focus with the PJ WXL5670's automated image correction capabilities. Keystone Correction and Four-Corner Adjustment let you show granular detail and action-packed motion as they were meant to be seen. Even upon finishing your presentation, maintain your audience's focus as the laser illumination cuts to black quickly — without the distracting noise of a traditional projector cooling down.

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Projector Specifications

Projection System

Digital Light Processing (DLP)


WXGA - 1280 x 800 dpi

Liquid Crystal Panel Size


Aspect Ratio


White Light Output Brightness

5,200 lm

Color Reproduction

1.07 billion colors (10 bit)/16,770,000 (8 bit)

Contrast Ratio

Native: 2000:1
High Contrast Mode: 100000:1

Screen Size

30" - 300"

Projection Modes

Standard, Rear, Ceiling, Rear Ceiling

Projection Distance

53.16" - 379.08" (4.43 ft - 31.59 ft)

Lamp Type

Laser diodes

Lamp Life

Up to 20,000 hours

Projection Lens

Lens: Fixed (Built-in)
Lens Shift (V/H): Vertical: +20%, Horizontal: +/- 10%

Projection Ratio

1.26 - 2.24

Zoom Ratio


Video Compatible Signal


Image Input

HDMI/MHL x1, HDMI x1, VGA x1, RJ45 x1 (compatible with HDBaseT)

Audio Input

3.5mm jack x1 (audio in), 3.5mm jack x1 (microphone)

Audio Output

3.5mm stereo x1 (audio out)

PC Control

RS-232C x1, Mini DIN3 (VESA 3D sync) x1, 3.5mm jack (+12v Trigger Out) x1, 3.5mm jack (Wired Remote) x1


Mini USB x1, USB Type A x2 (power)

Wired LAN

RJ45 x1 (LAN)

Advanced Network Utility


JPEG Conversion Tool


Projector Management Utility

Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008(x64), Windows Server 2008 R2(64bit), Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1(x64),Windows 8, Windows 8(x64), Windows 7, Windows 7(x64), Windows Vista, Windows Vista(x64)

Supported Utilities

PJ Link, Crestron, AMX Discovery


Picture-in-Picture, Picture-by-Picture, 360-degree projection, Portrait mode, Color adjustment, Eco Mode, Firmware Update


10W Stereo

Dimensions W x D x H

16" x 15.24" x 6.54" (405 x 387 x 166mm)


25.14 lbs (11.4 kg)

Fan Noise

Standard Mode: 35 dB; Eco Mode: 29 dB

Operating Environment

Temperature -4°F - 140°F; Humidity: 5 ~ 95%

Power Supply

100/240V; 50 - 60Hz

Power Consumption

Standard Mode: 465W or less; Eco Mode: 285W or less

Whats In the Box

CD-ROM with user manual, Quick Start Guide, RGB cable, Power cord, Warranty sheet and registration (US only), Remote control and batteries, Micro USB to USB Type A Cable


Warranty Registration

Register your Lanier product in order to receive service and support.

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