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We have over 25 years of legal industry experience — capturing, transferring and managing information.


Get a grip on your paper. With the RICOH Legal Advanced Workflow (RLAW) solution, you can more easily scan and manage your information, and be better prepared for electronic court filings. By providing a central, unified interface for our multifunction printers (MFPs), RLAW can handle all of your primary document functions, including electronic court filing preparation, bates labeling and scan-to-document management software (DMS). 

Make your legal paperwork more efficient 

Streamline your workflows, improve your processes.

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Your firm or legal department could be wasting valuable time and money if you're working in slow, outdated paper or paper conversion processes. Instead, turn to the RLAW solution on our MFPs, which can reduce your labor costs when it comes to dealing with paper documents.

RLAW helps to streamline scanning-based workflow productivity, improving the legal preparation and submission process. The solution is ideal if you’re dealing with:

  • Paper intensive environments.
  • Limited IT support services.
  • Overburdened in-house staff.

Digitize paper documents quickly and cost-effectively 

Get scanning solutions that work with your existing workflows.

Paper documents take up space, time and money. Maybe you have a document management system that covers most of your paper documents, but what about the rest? Our scanning solution takes all of your hardcopy information and integrates it with your document management system:

  • Convert documents into multiple file formats including Word, searchable PDF and PDF/A.
  • Scan directly to popular legal document management systems such as iManage, WorldDox® and OpenText™ eDOCs DM.

Your digital files will be more secure and accessible to everyone who needs to view them — without having to dig through filing cabinets or stacks of paper. 

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When it comes to the courts, get it right

Meet court-mandated format and size requirements for filing submissions. 

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When documents are essential to the litigation process and you’re dealing with court-mandated format and size requirements, they'd better be right — especially when they can vary from court to court. RLAW helps you more effectively meet those requirements by easily (and automatically) making sure your documents are structured and sized properly for each respective filing — including Bates labeling. Simplify your submissions, save time and eliminate the worry.                                       

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