K-12 Enterprise Print Management

Get a grip on your K-12 printing 


Active management of office printing is a long-term strategy, but it can permanently reduce print spending by 10% to 30%.* 


Monitor and manage your printer fleet so you can save money, help safeguard sensitive information and increase productivity. Our K-12 Enterprise Print Management solution includes assessment, consulting services, our multifunction printers (MFPs) if you need them, software, implementation, optional cloud services and support. You can even ask us to monitor and manage your fleet for you if you don’t have the IT resources to do it. 


Monitor and manage print centrally


Impress both the school board and parents with your fiscal responsibility. 


If you think your school’s print costs are too high, they probably are — especially if you have a mix of device brands and you don’t know what’s being printed where or by whom. With our K-12 Enterprise Print Management solution, you can keep an eye on your print environment from anywhere using a web-based interface.

  • Track all printing on local, networked and direct-to-IP print jobs.
  • Set budget limits by user for copying and printing.
  • Create rules that send the right output to the right devices.
  • Export usage reports in a variety of formats for reporting and chargebacks.



Make savvy print decisions


Empower your administrators and teachers with modern, easy-to-use tools. 


If a print management solution isn't easy to use, people resist using it or don't take full advantage of its capabilities. We get it. That's why our solution covers any number of devices, and includes a built-in wizard to make operation and reporting a breeze. Your staff can complete print tasks quickly and efficiently with options like:

  • WebPrint, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool that expedites print job submission.
  • TRAC, a centralized, automated SaaS-based system that lets you track, monitor and manage your assets and processes — enhancing your communication and lowering your costs.
  • HotSpot Enterprise, a way to support more secure mobile printing via a private cloud.
  • Print Cloud, a "follow me" style of printing that lets you retrieve documents from any Print Cloud-enabled MFP.

Want the ultimate in ease of use? We can even monitor and manage your print environment for you as part of our managed services.


Help safeguard student information


Add an extra layer of security to support FERPA requirements. 

Asian teacher and african american child in classroom.

When printed documents sit unprotected in output trays, anyone can come along and pick them up by mistake — or on purpose. Closing this security gap helps you protect your sensitive information and comply with the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

After assessing your print environment and user practices, our K-12 experts will recommend best practices for safeguarding student information and preventing unauthorized access to documents and records. For example, pull printing limits access to print jobs because workers have to authenticate themselves at the device before their jobs are released.


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*Source: Gartner: Cost-Cutting Initiatives for Office Printing, 1 July 2013 
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