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Campus Mail and Packages 

Automate and modernize your campus mail center 

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87% of current college students considered their institution’s technology offerings when selecting their college.*


Our managed Campus Mail & Packages solution includes the people, technology and processes to streamline every aspect of your campus mail. 

Go from an outdated mail room to an updated, technology-enabled mail center 

See why managed campus mail operations are a win-win for you and your students. 

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Picture your campus mail center. If you see long lines of students and rows of empty letter-sized mailboxes, it's time to rethink your approach. Packages have replaced letters, and they require an entirely different setup for students, who expect everything to be both fast and high tech.

Give students the experience they prefer — and boost your bottom line. Our managed campus mail solutions help you:

  • Reduce labor costs.
  • Use space efficiently.
  • Fix broken processes.
  • Improve quality and security.
  • Identify point-of-sale (POS) opportunities.

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Upgrade to full-service campus mail center that's customized for your needs. 

If you're not sure how to turn your mail center into a more positive experience, don't worry — that's our job. Every solution we deliver is customized, and based on the best practices for managed campus mail that we've identified during the past 20 years. Your automated, full-service mail center can be up and running quickly with these or other components: 

  • A mail concierge(s)
  • TRAC software, a web-based tracking and reporting tool
  • Package kiosks and shredder kiosks
  • High-density rolling mailboxes
  • Intelligent lockers
  • Shipping systems
  • Retail POS systems
  • Third-party vendor management

More than 140 colleges and universities use TRAC software.

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Operate with increased efficiency and security

Impress students with one-stop shopping and self-service.

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Your students expect to use their mobile devices for practically everything, and they don't want to stand in line repeatedly to find out if they have mail, if their package arrived or to buy stamps. Our self-service approach involves scanning, chain of custody for security purposes, email notifications, ID card swipes, kiosks and more ― all working together to spare your students the snafus, delays and long lines that happen all the time in traditional mail centers.

Ask us about the more than 2,400 managed mail centers we operate for both our commercial and global customers.

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  • Intelligent Lockers

    Implement accountable package delivery— and give your employees personal space to stow their stuff while onsite.      

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    Modernize and automate your campus printing with mobile support, web to print and a marketing portal.                     

  • Cloud Connected Education

    Allow students and staff to access, share and store information in the cloud.                                                                              

*Source: The 2011 CDW-G 21ST-Century Campus Report.